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Thank you, Shawnee! My friend at the dealership just dropped off my new Shawnee Deluxe today, and I am absolutely floored by your boat guys!  Really... I don't even know what to say, but this boat far exceeds my expectations!! I am like a kid who can't sleep waiting for Christmas presents the night before as I can't wait to get on the water with this new fishing machine tomorrow. Thanks again for helping make the order easy!  Sincerely, Craig

- Craig S. - Sioux City, IA

I have owned virtually every brand of fiberglass trout/river boat made, and Supreme boats are hands down the best boat I have owned. Supreme boats run in very shallow water and will accommodate four people fishing with plenty of room to spare. Supreme’s are handcrafted by some of the best boat builders in the business, and their craftsmanship is evident when you take a closer look. The top notch team at Supreme builds a solid trout fishing machine, and his boats boast the highest resale value in the business. Thank you, Supreme for keeping me on the fish!  

- Greg M. - Sylamore, AR.

You have been a part of my family's fishing history for the last 30 years. I grew up fishing with my dad in his old Shawnee Classic, a boat that never failed us. When my father passed, I inherited the boat, and it has lasted nearly 20 years and still going. I let my oldest son have it for his family in Tennessee as it is still in use today. Just recently, I guess from separation anxiety, I felt as though I needed a new boat, so I purchased a brand new Shawnee Deluxe boat from you last year. After using the boat a half dozen times now, it has led me to write out and express my happiness with this purchase. It amazed me how easy you all were to work with, and the boat that you built went above and beyond my expectations. My new boat is more durable and even feels safer than the old ones. That is something I never thought I would say as I used to classify my dad's boat as unsinkable. You have provided me the opportunity to go and get back out on the water, therapy in itself, but more importantly, you have given me the opportunity to take my grandchildren out on the water to help keep the tradition alive when they come visit us. I will always be an advocate for your boats and a referral source for ongoing business if I have any say in the matter. Thank you for keeping the smiles in my family big and wide for so many years! 

- Tim S. - Lake Taneycomo, MO.

Over my 34 years of guiding trout fishermen on the White River, I have owned many different river boats. I bought my first Supreme river boat in 1995 and have run a Supreme boat in my guiding business ever since that time. The boat's stability, durability, and aesthetics are top of the line, as is the resale value when I get ready to trade. Guiding an average of 200 days a year for trout on the area rivers, I cannot think of another boat that I would rather be in than a Supreme river boat. Low water or high water, the Supreme river boat gets the job done. Thank you, Supreme for keeping my customers happy and safe for the last 18 years. 

- David C. - Cotter, AR.

If you are looking to buy a boat that the owner and all employees stand behind 100%, stop looking and purchase a Shawnee. The quality and "usability" of the boat are unmatched only by the confidence you can have with the people and company that built the boat. All staff will do "whatever it takes" to make sure you are totally satisfied with your purchase. "Whatever it takes" has included meeting my wife and I at the factory early on Sunday morning to adjust the trailer, sending a wrap for the live well/storage unit to my house when I asked if there was something I could do to keep them from rattling, and being available to answer any question and doing so in a very professional and pleasant manner because they are proud of their product ( I would suggest you don’t call during Razorback football games, especially this year). If you have any questions ref: Shawnee boats and how they stand behind their boats—call me. The owner has my number and my permission to give it to you. USMA 1973

- Richard D. - Nixa, MO